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Waterfall Body Treatments



Warm rain gently falls from the suspended Vichy Waterfall, while the room fills with relaxing warmth as your personal attendant uses aroma touch therapy to treat and rejuvenate your skin with essential oils. A sensory journey like no other! This exclusive Vitality Treatment will leave you relaxed & regenerated with absolutely glowing skin!

60 min. total experience $110

Clean & Clarify


A deep cleansing and exfoliation for the whole body, especially the hard to reach back area. This renewal treatment will remove impurities as it clarifies, brightens and restore your beautiful skin. Using healing nutrients from the sea, your senses will be soothed as your entire body is then treated to soft warm rain that flows downward from the Vichy Waterfall.

60 min. total experience $115



This deep hydration, cellulite reduction and anti-inflammatory treatment, improves b lood & lymph circulation while stimulating cellular metabolism. While your skin absorbs the rich a Hawaiian Spirulina Algae application, soft relaxing streams of water flow over your body. After a soothing full body treatment with our hydrating organic seaweed lotion, firming gels for toning and cooling peppermint balm for tension are applied to the skin for a firming finish.

75 min. total experience $140

Silky Smooth


This waterfall experience begins with a warm cleansing application of your choice of the natural exfoliating powers of either our Pink Himalayan Salt or our Rose Sugar Scrub which is worked into the skin to detoxify and remove dead skin cells. This is followed by a relaxing and moisturizing essential oil Aroma Touch full body treatment to lock in all of the moisture and keep your beautiful skin SO silky smooth.

60 min. total experience $115

Glisten & Glow


After a restoring waterfall treatment your personal attendant will exfoliate your tired dry skin with our Seasonal Organic Exfoliating Mineral Scrub leaving your skin glowing. Once clear of impurities, your skin will be treated to a glistening mineral oil serum during a bright & beautiful sensory journey. This treatment will leave you looking like summer, glistening & glowing!

75 min. total experience $120



This luxury experience begins with soothing body application of calming essential oils. Next a soothing waterfall experience helps to lock in the moisture while the room heats and your melts your stress away. Following is a total body treatment using anti-inflammatory Volcanic Ash, focusing special attention on the Head, Neck, Back, Arms, Hands, Legs, & Feet… total bliss.

60 min. $130

Rejuvenating Mud


his ancient mud water therapy is detoxifying and nourishing to the entire body. Our luxurious mud treatment produces great results for arthritis, chronic skin conditions, cellulite reduction and stomach ailments. It begins with a renewing skin exfoliation and continues with a warmed Rich Mud Mask applied to the entire body. During your Mud Experience, your personal attendant will alleviate pain in problem areas leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

75 min. total experience $140

Spa Escape

Ever just want to get away? You can. Begin with a peaceful and relaxing sensory journey while the room fills with warmth and aromas as you lay on the table. Next, a soothing waterfall experience alleviates stress, as your personal attendant applies a full body treatment of essential oils to help ease your mind and calm your senses. With the sounds of calming music and rain water throughout the treatment, you will be transcended to a place of quiet tranquility. 
60 min total experience  $110  

If you already have a treatment in mind, but you would like to add on a little extra indulgence, this Vichy option is just what you are looking for! It is an elegant ending or a perfect precursor to make any Vitality service even better.

30 min. $45

Vichy Shower

What is a Vichy Waterfall Massage

Vichy Waterfall Massage Beds are an incredibly unique massage option that use circulation technology to ultimately exfoliate and purify the skin! 
The strong and soothing pulsating bands of water wash off your body and leave it refreshed and renewed. 
What should I expect? 
Your personal attendant will bring you to the Vichy Shower Room. There you will disrobe and lay on the table. When you’re ready, the shower heads will be simultaneously turned on and the warm rushing water will cover your entire body instantly. As the water flows along your body and down to the drains, you’ll feel relaxed and and at peace. The Vitality Vichy Shower Experience will last for ten minutes, which means about 100 gallons of water trickling all over you in the most intense yet calming way.
How does it work?
Vichy Showers use both pressure and temperature in order to induce relaxation. The process starts off with a 3-minute warm shower followed by alternative streams of hot and cold water. By switching between hot and cold temperatures, the body’s circulation alternately goes inward and outward, respectively. Think of it as your body’s circulation becoming something like an accordion. The changing temperature is then coupled with varying pressure brought about by the water so your circulation is further stimulated with a change from mere sprinkles to solid streams of water. Finish off by moisturizing your exfoliated and freshened skin with a Vitality Massage Service! Package optional available per request.
Benefits of Vichy Waterfall Massage:
●Improved metabolism
●Helps with weight loss
●Helps promote sleep
●Firms and tones the skin
●Improved circulation
●Detoxifies the body
●Strengthens the immune system
●Promotes healthier organs
●Loosens tightened muscles
●Relieves stress
To obtain the full benefits the Vichy Waterfall Massage can offer, 
regular treatments every 2 to 8 weeks are suggested.